Workplace consultancy

You can achieve beneficial collaboration, cost savings, improved productivity and happier employees.

Through considerable experience and knowledge through our work worldwide we can support you to make the right decisions on how to allocate your space to best effect.

We get to know you, so we can understand and reassure your people through workshops, documentation and presentations as required.

Interior Design

Holding your hand through the process which we will design for you to fit your desired outcomes. It will individualise your journey through concept design, space planning and visualisation, through to specification and detailed drawings. You will achieve the space that is right for your business and your budget.

We pride ourselves in understanding that sustainable materials carefully selected are beneficial for you and the planet.

Our knowledge of acoustics, biophillia, lighting, furniture, fixtures and fittings takes the pressure away from you, ensuring a coherent and coordinated design across all aspects of a project.


We stay your side of the table through the process. We ensure every aspect of your agreed design makes it from concept design, through detailed design to occupation.

We advise on all aspects of Interior Architecture including good practice, ergonomics and statutory approvals.

We are experts in our field and well respected, therefore ensuring that your suppliers and contract

list of services

  • workshops
  • brief-taking
  • surveys
  • space-planning
  • master-planning
  • existing furniture surveys
  • re-organisations
  • re-planning
  • co-working spaces
  • reception and common parts design
  • re-branding of a workplace
  • visualisation
  • CGI’s
  • tender design
  • working drawings
  • concept designing
  • implementation attendance

Order our free guide ‘How to be the perfect client’

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