Maxine has worked with many types of organisation over her 20 years of experience. This is a small selection of the projects she is proud of.


Photography Nick Smith

Excited to be working for such a well known property company as Prologis, Maxine relished the opportunity to deliver exceptional quality timeless design and functionality to the leaders in the property world’s own offices. Design commenced prior to the construction of the building delivered to CAT A with all CAT B fit out work being procured and managed directly by the client/ occupier team. The design pushed the boundaries and reflected the strong pedigree of other business’s to have been founded in Birmingham.


Photography Nick Smith

Lead designer Maxine, pulled together a team including Architects Designscape to work with Exactaform and design a building which included production facilities, office space, gym, distribution and catering. The challenge of designing a workable solution under a single roof pitch with a 10m haunch height was over come with acoustics and lighting at a lower level.

Hartham Park Technology co-working

Photography Nick Smith

Seco Tools Innovation centre Sweden

Maxine pulled together the design team to design and implement a fast-paced project. This included a major refurbishment and construction works including a new 2 story extension and entrance to an existing building. The remodel enhanced the client experience when visiting the Seco Head office in Fagersta, 1.5 hours North West of Stockholm. Looking good in the promotional film from Seco

Looking good in the promotional film from Seco


Photography Nick Smith

Maxine delivered this design for ForrestBrown, whilst at Wylde IA of circa 25,000 sq ft during a period of exceptional growth for the Tax consultants. Working alongside Building Surveyors and project managers CS2.

‘It was a pleasure to work with a company who truly understood their brand and culture. Delivering a practical but visually stimulating space which improved collaboration and agile working was essential. Graffiti artist Ms Hazard’s work was exceptional- perfect for Bristol and its street art heritage and bold graphics from ForrestBrown graphic’s team provided further individuality, reinforcing the relaxed culture.

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Photographs Nick Smith

Seco Tools UK

Photography Nick Smith

Flexible, exciting, dynamic and designed to match the aspirations of Seco to be ‘simple and practical’ and reflect them as a premium engineering brand. Seco Tools moved from a cellular office building to 2 industrial sheds just walking distance away. This scheme formed the basis of the corporate manual that Maxine then helped to deliver, with the team, worldwide.

The UK HQ is featured in both of these films.